Sportours was born in May 2014.
Our main goal was to provide our guests rentals and guided tours in Porto and its surroundings.
After some time we realized that was a big demand for self guided bike holidays.
So in 2016 we startet a partnership with a german bicycle tours organizers to offer Porto radial tours within 7 days.
This tour had a big success so we decided to add in 2017 the Porto-Coimbra. We started with 6 scheduled dates and finished the year with 11 tours.
This huge success "forced" us to continue this tour. So in 2018 we could offer Porto-Coimbra, Coimbra-Lisboa and Porto-Lisboa.
Meanwhile end 2017 due to many reasons we decided to leave our 
old town shop. So since March 2018 we are located in the "Maternidade" area, also in the city center.
2018 and 2019 will be the years which we want to offer more self guided tours. Please see our "Bike holidays" column.